Keeping Your Trees Beautiful and Healthy

With Accurate Tree/Shrub Diagnostics and Proper Treatments

Over time, trees can get infested with insects and pests. It can even be infested with diseases. When this happens, you need a professional and certified arborist to perform a tree diagnosis. Our team has the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to accurately diagnose and treat a variety of tree disorders . We understand what it takes to maintain or restore trees so that they can remain beautiful and healthy. We have over 20 years of experience in accurately diagnosing and treating different trees/shrubs.

Tree Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance program aims to help prevent and eliminate any disease and insect infestation while promoting tree health. We use only the highest quality and professional fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, and fungicides for our maintenance treatments. With our maintenance plan, you can expect to have healthy and beautiful trees all year round.

For your maintenance program, contact us at (432) 686-7107 today.

Dormant Oil Spray

In January or February, we spray Dormant Oil including insecticide/fungicide for different wintering insects, beetles, scale and fungus that have been camping out on your trees.

First Root-Feed

In March or April, we custom blend micro-nutrients that are injected into the root zones of your trees and shrubs. Our micro-nutrients mix includes zinc, iron, phosphate, potassium, nitrogen, and copper, this combination is ideal for helping enhance root health.

First Summer Spray

In June, we spray a foliar insecticide/miticide for the warm season insects.

Second Summer Spray

In August, we spray a foliar insecticide/miticide for the warm season insects.

Second Root-Feed

In October, we create another custom fall blend products that include micro-nutrients to put down in the root zones. This custom blend includes mycorrhizae, which is a beneficial bacteria, to increase root health and growth.